Hey guys, I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while as I am preparing for my exams, but not to worry... I will be back on the blogging scene very soon. I am selling a few of my items on Depop (which I have now become obsessed with), so if you are interested please check me out by downloading the app (available on the App Store and Google play) and searching @karenchizax, so that you can view and/or purchase if you are interested. Thank you.

Karen x 



Sandals with chunky soles, H&M (here)

I had been looking for good sandal with chunky soles that suit my feet for quite a while, as I do have very flat feet. I first saw these in white and I liked the style but I wasn't too sure if the white was for me... Don't get me wrong, I love white shoes but I don't think white shoes love me. After a week or two after, I went back into H&M and I discovered that they had the black ones too, but unfortunately they didn't have my size *sigh*. On that very same day I went online and saw that they had them in my size (in black) so I just had to have them. 

I have to apologise as well as I said I would do two posts every week, but I've been so tied up with revision and work. I promise not to disappoint this week though, so don't worry I'll post twice as promised.

Karen x



Spike choker necklace, eBay (here| Oversized white tee, Primark | Joni jeans, Topshop (here| Heeled ankle boots, Primark | Satchel shoulder bag, Primark | Stack rings, Primark

Today's outfit is very simple and as you can see I don't really wear a lot of accessories. I feel wearing too many tends to kill an outfit, so I prefer to be very minimal when it comes to accessories. 
I've had these boots for a while now and had totally forgotten about them up until two days ago, when I was throwing out old bits and bobs. Again, I have decided to make the outfit pop with a colourful purple lippy by MUA (Velvet lip lacquer - Kooky). 

Just to let you guys know, I'm going to post twice a week - one being an outfit post and another being a recent purchase(s) post. 

Karen x


2 ON

Vintage round sunglasses, eBay (here| Chiffon vest blouse, eBay (here| C&S Drape Cardigan, River Island (here| Joni jeans, Topshop (hereSuede Allsorts Chelsea boots, Topshop (here| Satchel shoulder bag, Primark | Stack rings, Primark   

I got my hair braided today because I always have the same hairstyle as the one in my last outfit post, so I decided to do something different. I love my hair but I'm still getting used to having hair in my face all the time, which gets a little irritating at times but I love the way it looks on me. 
Today's look is an all black look which I pretty much wear nearly everyday, I paired the look with some red lippy by MUA (Velvet lip lacquer - Reckless) just to kinda make the outfit pop and not look as dull. 
It was my first time wearing these Topshop Allsort's outside and they are still very comfortable, personally I think they make my legs look good but I feel like a giant in these shoes, even though they're not at all that high. 

Karen x



Suede Allsorts Chelsea boots, Topshop (here)

I am absolutely in love with these shoes, they are so comfortable and they make my legs look great. I actually bought these 2 days ago when I was scouting the whole of the town centre for cleated sole, heeled Chelsea boots and no other place apart from Topshop seemed to have them.
These caught my eye despite me not being too keen on the suede. I tried them on and I loved the way they looked but I still needed a bit more persuading. While I was deciding, one of the workers in Topshop walked past and shouted "BUY THEM!! THEY'RE REALLY COMFORTABLE", which they were so I gave in and bought them.

Karen x



Faux leather jacket, Top Class Chiffon vest blouse, eBay (here| Joni jeans, Topshop (here| Chunky cut-out boots, River Island | Boyfriend watch, Claire's

Hope you guys are all having a fantastic week so far. I am finally on half term, which means no school for 2 weeks for most, but I have had to go to school today to catch-up on some of my business work and I have to be in again for tomorrow... sigh. I am so in love with these Topshop Joni jeans as they are so stretchy, comfortable and they fit around my waist, which is the most important thing as I bought a pair of Joni style jeans from Primark and they were so big around my waist, so I had to end up getting them altered.
I will soon get a new leather jacket as this one no longer fits around my bust which sucks because when it gets a little windy I am unable to zip it up, so I am thinking of a new one from H&M, which I will post up for you guys soon.

Karen x



Gold stack rings, Primark (alternative here)

I've been wanting to buy stack rings for a while now from H&M, but I went into Primark today and saw that they were selling stack rings on sale for only £1 from £3. I didn't hesitate seeing as it was a right bargain for me. I am so in love with these rings and am actually thinking about buying them in silver as well. I'm not entirely sure if I'm wearing the rings properly, but I just love the way it looks on my hands and I cannot wait to wear them out with an appropriate outfit.

Karen x



It's been such a long time since I've blogged and I can honestly say that I have missed it. I redeigned the whole blog and changed the name according to my style, which is why you may notice that there are no more blogposts (if you currently are a follower). I've been so tied up with school and mountains and mountains of coursework, and having fished my BTEC business studies course means that I should now have time to get on the blogging scene again.

I have recently started using Polyvore and I won't be surprised if I soon become addicted because I just loved putting together outfits that I would wear. As you can see above, there is not much colour apart from black, white grey and denim; I'm not really a big fan of colour and my wardrobe does consist of mainly these colours. If you would like to check out my polyvore page, please click here (and please feel free to follow).

Karen x