Sandals with chunky soles, H&M (here)

I had been looking for good sandal with chunky soles that suit my feet for quite a while, as I do have very flat feet. I first saw these in white and I liked the style but I wasn't too sure if the white was for me... Don't get me wrong, I love white shoes but I don't think white shoes love me. After a week or two after, I went back into H&M and I discovered that they had the black ones too, but unfortunately they didn't have my size *sigh*. On that very same day I went online and saw that they had them in my size (in black) so I just had to have them. 

I have to apologise as well as I said I would do two posts every week, but I've been so tied up with revision and work. I promise not to disappoint this week though, so don't worry I'll post twice as promised.

Karen x